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The Butte 100’s Neon Army work tirelessly to make the race what it is-and what it can be. We are fortunate to have an incredible group of people lending a hand in the numerous areas needed to put on a world-class athletic event. It is you, neon-clad warriors, that truly embody the spirit of why the Butte 100 exists!

The big areas of need are race preparation (packet stuffing, registration, course marking) and race day itself (course marshals, crossing guards, aid stations, vendors). Volunteer job descriptions and expectations are listed under the contact form.


All volunteers receive:

- An official Neon Army  t-shirt
- Entry into the volunteer raffle to win a Specialized Mountain bike
- Food and beverage at the start/finish
- In 2-3 weeks following the race, when all the dust settles, there will be an informal volunteer appreciation BBQ in which all Neon Army volunteers are invited


Aid Station Volunteers [race day~needed 50-80 volunteers needed]

Teams of 5-8
Transport materials to site of aid station.
Set up canopy and organize supplies 1 hour prior to racers arrival. Make sure there is enough space for bikes and that the water/Heed is as accessible as possible for racers.
Arrange drop bags in numerical order. This expedites the process of grabbing the drop bag as the racer is filling up their water bottle.
Once a drop bag has been used. Put that bag in the drop bag bins for return to the start finish for racers to pick up.
1-2 people should be in charge of drop bags. One to call out the numbers. The second to grab the bags and get them to the racers in an expedited manner.
Greet, cheer on, and assist racers as needed. (Be able to sense what they need without getting in the racers way).
Make sure you are constantly opening water bottles so that racers can access them as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on the Heed and snacks to keep them as full as possible. Offer to fill water bottles with Heed for the racers.
Set up one garbage bag for recycling water bottles and a one for garbage.
Record racers numbers as they pass through the aid station. This is accomplished best when two individuals are doing this task. One will read the number out loud and the other will check that racer number off the list (found in aid station information binder). Numbers are to be called back to the start/finish area when there is a break in the racers passing through.
Leave no trace. Tear down, clean up, and return all items to the start finish after you have been released from the race organizer that all racers have passed through your aid station.
Make your aid station memorable. Have a theme, music, crazy costumes…make it unique. Make sure to bring yourself snacks, lunch, beverages, and a charged cell phone.
ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE…your energy makes all the difference for the racers.


Course Marshal [race day~10-15 volunteers needed]

1-2 people
Go to designated location on race course.
These are typically areas such as: a pre-designated fork in the road, questionable turn, etc.
Your job is to direct the racers on the correct path.
Encourage and support the racers as they pass through.


Crossing Guard [race day~8-15 volunteers needed]

2-3 people
You will be stationed where the race course crosses a highway or roadway.
Your job is to be alert for incoming racers as well as oncoming traffic.
You will go onto the road way to slow and stop traffic for racers to pass through.
You will have a stop sign to hold traffic.
There will be bike on roadway signs in both directions so traffic is aware of your presence.
Safety first.
Encourage racers as they ride by.


Course Sweepers [race day ~2-3 volunteers needed]

Ride from aid station 9-10
Ride from aid station 10-start finish.
Head lamp, cell phone, helmet, and bike needed.
Make sure all racers have made it to the end. Do not pass any racers, follow the last racer and encourage them to the end.
Call in with any medical issues/concerns to start/finish area.


Start/Finish [race day ~10-20 volunteers needed]

Morning set-up; night tear-down
finisher mug hand out
Award ceremony: set-up, organization of medals and raffle productsAid station drop boxes organization
Garbage duty
Runner (gas will be reimbursed): will drop off extra ice to the aid stations.


Food and Beverage Chairperson & Team [race day ~5-8 volunteers needed]

Arrange for delivery, pick-up and storage of food. Assist in contacting food sponsors to make arrangements for pick-up of food, banners etc.
Oversee food set-up and clean up.
Coordinate team of volunteers throughout the race at Start Finish food area
Set up tables and tents with your team
Check with start/ finish volunteers throughout race to see where racers are on course. You will want you team of volunteers and yourself ready when racers arrive at finish.


Packet stuffing [pre-race ~4-8 volunteers]

Organize complimentary supplies, jerseys, products, and information into numbered racer packets
Usually takes place on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the race for about 2-3 hours
Registration [pre-race ~8-15 volunteers]
This occurs on Thursday evening from 4-6, and on Friday from 2-9 p.m.
Volunteers will help set up registration area, tables, supplies, and paperwork
One person must accept registration form and mark the racer
One person sells the one-day racer registration through USA Cycling
2-3 people will find and provide the racer’s packet
2-3 people set up and sell race merchandise
There will be 2 preparatory volunteer meetings; we ask that volunteers attend both of these meetings, if possible,  as they determine many of the schedules and responsibilities.


One Mandatory volunteer meeting will take place at approximately 8 p.m. on Friday night (Eve of Race). This meeting covers any last minute details, changes, questions and concerns. Those helping with registration will be briefed after the volunteer meeting.


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